The “Plague” is here, and it is 100% viral content

Plague is a mobile app from Lithauania for sharing photos, videos and text.

You can find it here:

It is not to be confused with the great game ‘Plague Inc.’ that simulates a global epidemic.

Plague is different in many aspects

you have no friends, contacts or followers there
your ‘upvoted’ content spreads to random other users
either close to you or all over the world
their number depending on your ‘infection index’
the spreading of messages is mapped on a global scale (and to pinpoint precision)
‘downvoted’ items are not spread (and become extict …)
Some elements are familiar

you can comment and have discussions (and track them)
your location is logged
you can have a pseudonym (but are still localized when posting)
Some people see Plague as some kind of whistleblowing app or some symbol or even starting point of world peace / collaboration. Others wonder where the haters are (downvoted) and why porn is rate (downvoted). Many report that is is pretty addictive and that the discussion in the comments is great. May questions ask for inside views from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, North Corea (one user has been spotted there) etc.

Have you tried it?


What do you think?

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