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On some criticism of "Tsu" | LinkedIn.

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by Amanda Blain

You might want to read it first — but then again the main points are also reflected in my comment. So you might want to save that time.


I am not sure you assuption that people will be in it to become rich tells more about you or about people using Tsu.

Then again as you do mot pay anything to enter the assumed ‘pyramid game’ ir is not really one, right? Or ANY platform is one as you always want to gain access to peple – assuming you are in Social media to gain reach.

Then: Other platofrms lure you there ‘just for the fun of it’, make money and give you… ab ‘better’ plaform that shows you… uhm… better ads. Yay. I think that the way Tsu does it should be the way all platforms should act: If you use it, if you bring people there, well, get part of the loot…

Then about owning commtent. I don’t get people who write all their content withnin facebook. Why not blog it and spread it: On Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tsu.

Now you left me just wondering what your real problem with Tsu is … or was this just linkbait?

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