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Playing mindgames with romance-chatters

Hey Oliver!!!I can’t believed it!!! You really look like my old ex which was in a military since 1995…are you also a military men?
No, I am your ex and a spy, I have to have you eliminated now because you found me. The doorbell will ring soon. Sorry, darling.
Damn what you tryna says!!!! You only looks like my ex but you can’t be my ex
I am.

Is it OK If i activate your webcam so that I can make sure my buddies are doing their jobs?

//** your webcam is being activated **//

Why all your peps sounding like hell… Which buddies you talking about?

Where is ya from?

Was your location Oliver ???


I am not allowed to disclose this. Please stay put.

The buddies whose job it is to make you vanish.

Don’t resist. Then it will not hurt at all.

You English in poor and non understandable [sic!]


You are funny, you can’t even spell ?

 “Your Enligsh is…”
 What country are you in anyway?

Don’t know what you saying everything about you in illiterate

“Is” not “in”. You should get your money back from the person who taught you English ?

 Nachricht wurde nicht zugestellt.
 And ‘what you saying’ shpuld be ‘what are you saying’.
Nachricht wurde nicht zugestellt.
 Oops, a typo. Forgive me, oh princess.
Wird gesendet…

Nano-GTD – for beginners or people in a hurry

Recently I heard a complaint: GTD has a terribly high barrier to entry, you need to READ a BOOK! Inconciiiievable! (Audio books were also not welcome.) “Can’t I just watch some videos?” Well, you can, but it might not be as good as doing the seminar and then read the book – or the other way round.

Then again I remember how hard it was to start off with GTD, so I put together this little guide that -when followed- will give you a first taste of GTD and hopefully will make you want more.

– Do not do daily to-do-lists. 

– Just make a note of every task…

– … in one big list…

– …in small steps…

– …with a VERB (preferably at the start of the line and in BOLD letters or in color)



WRITE keywords for semester paper

PICK UP order book store

CALL Joe re: appointment briefing

NOT as a daily list but simply everything that is to be done in the near future (or even today).

Cross out what you finished.


– Now first DO the things that can or need to be done ONLY today (If it helps you put a “!” in front of it or mark them in red … meaning: „If I do not do this today, I will not have to do it at all and can cross it off.“)

– Then DO the things, that can ONLY be done where you are right now (downton, your office, at home)

– Afterwards DO the things where you’d get a positive feeling AFTER they are accomplished and you have rid yourself from them (not the ones where you feel bad BEFORE you do them).

– of you like put the tasks on separate lists like

— at home

— errands

— office

— anywhere


— I’ll do this at some point / not now (these are “good ideas” but stuff you neither want or have to do right now or soon.)

…and then work only on the list(s) that correlate to the place or situation you are in.

– Do this for one week.

– Tell us how it was in the comments.

– If it worked well, read “Getting Things Done” by David allen (2015 edition) and expand the above system sccording to his suggestions.

Q: Where do bloggers find content for their blogs?

They don’t just find it, they write it 😉

Ah, you mean: Get the ideas on what to write?

– News (your own perspective on …)
– other blogs (RSS 😉 ) (adding, contradicting, expanding, summarizing, …)- aggregators (Digg, etc.)
– conversations- things heard or overheard- conversations- questions they get (on Quora, Linkedin etc. ;))
– their own business (like a series of tipps)
– brainstorming
– analyzing readers / customers interests
– analysing their serverlogs (search terms)

I usually say:You are not a blogger if you have a blog. You are a blogger when you percieve everything around you as potential content for your blog(s).