My @computer GTD-List is too long, what do I do?


Most of my actions are @computer. Now my @computer list is so long, that I feel I cannot work from it efficeintly. what can I do?


Let’s go back to the basic idea.

GTD and contexts have the task to create a space for you, where you have already thought BEFORE and now can just ‘work off’ the tasks.

Many people suggest subcategories regarding energy, time usage and other to adress this problem. Some of these suggestions might help, others might not.

So IF you do subcategories for ‘ @computer’ the question is:

Do they help you to achieve that?

The simple question is:

Do I have in from of me a list of tasks I want or ought to do ASAP and can I do them whenever I am at my computer?
(Not: In my office, not: at my computer offline.)

The subcategories you might want to have might depend on:
– do you have offline work @computer?
– do you work @computer online out out of office?
– etc.

But the main issue is: The question above, only if that is NOT given you need subcategories.

Otherwise if you have too many tasks it might be helpful to change the ‘flight altitude’:
– Look at your projects and decide if you can do all of those
– look at your areas of responsibility and check if you can ‘fulfill’ all of those
– look at your relevant goals
– your relevant visions
– your principles
and decide what impact they have on all the lower levels down to the tasks.

Some tasks might drift of to ‘someday’ (or: ‘someday/ideas’ as I call it), others might vanish.

So, in short:

If your list is no longer a space you can work in in comfortably, it might make sense to reconsider not only the subcategories.

The “Plague” is here, and it is 100% viral content

Plague is a mobile app from Lithauania for sharing photos, videos and text.

You can find it here:

It is not to be confused with the great game ‘Plague Inc.’ that simulates a global epidemic.

Plague is different in many aspects

you have no friends, contacts or followers there
your ‘upvoted’ content spreads to random other users
either close to you or all over the world
their number depending on your ‘infection index’
the spreading of messages is mapped on a global scale (and to pinpoint precision)
‘downvoted’ items are not spread (and become extict …)
Some elements are familiar

you can comment and have discussions (and track them)
your location is logged
you can have a pseudonym (but are still localized when posting)
Some people see Plague as some kind of whistleblowing app or some symbol or even starting point of world peace / collaboration. Others wonder where the haters are (downvoted) and why porn is rate (downvoted). Many report that is is pretty addictive and that the discussion in the comments is great. May questions ask for inside views from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, North Corea (one user has been spotted there) etc.

Have you tried it?


What do you think?

On some criticism of “Tsu” @ My Linkedin Blog

Original Post:
On some criticism of "Tsu" | LinkedIn.

This is a comment on the article

by Amanda Blain

You might want to read it first — but then again the main points are also reflected in my comment. So you might want to save that time.


I am not sure you assuption that people will be in it to become rich tells more about you or about people using Tsu.

Then again as you do mot pay anything to enter the assumed ‘pyramid game’ ir is not really one, right? Or ANY platform is one as you always want to gain access to peple – assuming you are in Social media to gain reach.

Then: Other platofrms lure you there ‘just for the fun of it’, make money and give you… ab ‘better’ plaform that shows you… uhm… better ads. Yay. I think that the way Tsu does it should be the way all platforms should act: If you use it, if you bring people there, well, get part of the loot…

Then about owning commtent. I don’t get people who write all their content withnin facebook. Why not blog it and spread it: On Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tsu.

Now you left me just wondering what your real problem with Tsu is … or was this just linkbait?

Daily Twitter Digest 10.10.2012

  • 12:50 @SteveRueck Ich gehe davon aus, dass nur kommt wer mit Ja gemeldet ist. Um die Vielleichts hab ich mich NIE gekümmert. Unterbeschäftigt? 😉 #
  • 12:49 @musevg @shackspace 7+1= absolutes Minimum. Man kann auch mit einem "virtuellen Toten" anfangen und der erste Gelynchte ist dann Gamemaster #
  • 12:48 @musevg @shackspace ab 13 = 2 Wölfe. wenn man so 20-24 hat, macht splitten denke ich Sinn. Kam an sich noch nicht vor. #
  • 12:47 @SteveRueck @ichhebgleichab etways busy, ich bin nicht bei Ja, das muss genügen (nein, ich komm nicht). #
  • 15:36 @SteveRueck Yep, die andere Auffassung wolte ich dir nahebringen. Meine ist für den Veranstalter simpler 😉 -> empfehlenswerter. #
  • 15:33 Während ich hier mein Google+-Buch korrigiere und ggf. Passagen einfüge (S 43 von 79) geht draußen grad die Welt… #
  • 15:30 @SteveRueck Relevant ist Ja/Nein, Vielleicht ist &039;Nein&039;. #
  • 15:30 @SteveRueck Bitte nicht falsch verstehen, aber ich hab echt keinen Bedarf an zusätzlichen Tasks. Auch nicht für solche mit &039;ein paar Klicks&039; #
  • 17:53 googleplusbuch So für heute hab ich genug, 61 Seiten korrigiert, morgen den Rest bis 79 und ein Schlusskapitel. Boris Karnikowski #
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  • 09:18 Sieht interessant aus: #
  • 08:28 Manchmal würde man gern Likes liken. #
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Daily Twitter Digest 08.10.2012

  • 06:01 Der Service twittert von seinen Followern an ihn ge @-ete Bodensee-News für seine Follower…. #
  • 09:43 Taskinator Weekly: Produktivität wurde gerade veröffentlicht! ? Topthemen heute von @rememberthemilk @waldeis @guran #
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