My @computer GTD-List is too long, what do I do?


Most of my actions are @computer. Now my @computer list is so long, that I feel I cannot work from it efficeintly. what can I do?


Let’s go back to the basic idea.

GTD and contexts have the task to create a space for you, where you have already thought BEFORE and now can just ‘work off’ the tasks.

Many people suggest subcategories regarding energy, time usage and other to adress this problem. Some of these suggestions might help, others might not.

So IF you do subcategories for ‘ @computer’ the question is:

Do they help you to achieve that?

The simple question is:

Do I have in from of me a list of tasks I want or ought to do ASAP and can I do them whenever I am at my computer?
(Not: In my office, not: at my computer offline.)

The subcategories you might want to have might depend on:
– do you have offline work @computer?
– do you work @computer online out out of office?
– etc.

But the main issue is: The question above, only if that is NOT given you need subcategories.

Otherwise if you have too many tasks it might be helpful to change the ‘flight altitude’:
– Look at your projects and decide if you can do all of those
– look at your areas of responsibility and check if you can ‘fulfill’ all of those
– look at your relevant goals
– your relevant visions
– your principles
and decide what impact they have on all the lower levels down to the tasks.

Some tasks might drift of to ‘someday’ (or: ‘someday/ideas’ as I call it), others might vanish.

So, in short:

If your list is no longer a space you can work in in comfortably, it might make sense to reconsider not only the subcategories.

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