Yesterday’s Twits

  • xing says my bsusiness is somewhere in africa, but I entered my adress correctly. @danielahinrichs #
  • @eckes das fiel mir danmn heute beim aufwachen ein, dass es das wohl war, war trotzdem walken ;= ) 😉 #
  • @genista how was "commie macbeth" with Jean-Luc Picard? #shaespeare #startrek #litgeeking #
  • what if educators published THEIR evaluations of their students/pupils? #
  • anyone got some hints on ‘tagging best practice’? #
  • @arimue ich seh das eher als RTLII-Schmuddel-Faktor, Lehrerebewertung z.B. ist was nicht triviales. #
  • @larshinrichs it works now, thanks for the ceo-support 😉 #
  • have not checked the way the cut it, but here is another interview w/ me (german) #
  • @cemb gute besserung gruss vom #webmontag #stuttgart #
  • @IMBild oops sorry twhirl was off during liveblogging #
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Yesterday’s Twits

  • first coffee ingested, off to #bcog #
  • @prokofy ,solyet green, is a type of food from a sf novel/movie that is made of the meat of old ppl that you induce to commit suicide #
  • and now: a nap in the shaes, we’ll see #
  • sorry ich komm nicht zum streamen. hatte laptop verliegen für brainwavedemo9. lest hat die blogbeiträge 😉 #
  • @eckes immer nuur die falschen 😉 wenn ich jetzt NOCH 4 Kilo abnehme, was meinste wie es DANN Ist 😉 (danke ;)) #motivation #
  • @eckes aber das motiviert morgen früh walken zu gehen ,) #wennesnichtregnet #
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Yesterday’s Twits

  • using the word ‘twitter’ in a domanname is not too smart, BTW 😉 cf. second life/SL #
  • ‘intelligent avatar’-thingy is sending spam to non existent adresses in my chatch all. *antique gallic curse* #
  • great, Nigeria Spam is now allegedly coming from UBS London 😉 #
  • feels like monday, yesterday I used the mobile twitter thingy on my laptop, now twitter keeps showing me the mobile page. argh. #
  • @genista eastern europe? Is JLP doing macbeth or dracula? dracula would actually be cooler 😉 #
  • Hm, I am testing viewzi and wondering if it will not bee too confusing for mass adoption. #
  • ah, UPS just got m,e the ‘digital lifestyle’ book by http:/ #
  • by special demand: "what I do" #
  • @thomas_j in heilbronn kannst du heute schon mit dem fingerabdruck bezahlen (sagt man mir), so what? 😉 #
  • @ebel oops :=) iopü, nein rein emchanisch #vordemdrittenmkaffee #
  • @kmto gefunden, thx 😉 #
  • @ebel U need 15 seconds: "are your member numbers increasing?" "are your churches full?" "see?" #
  • @ebel another 15 seconds: "what do you see more often? ppl w/ a cross aound their neck or ppl w/ a mp3-player/mobile?" #
  • @ebel and wear a t-shirt: "WWJD? HE’d do a Podcast!" #
  • OM*G confirming anch checking FF and twitter-contacts becomes a job. I need an intern 😉 applications? #
  • @kosmar be careful or the janitotrs sisters sends you an evil letter 😉 #
  • @ebel ist doch vollkommen banane. kennst du dieses iGod ding? #
  • l your starting slide: #
  • @ebel I should do liveconsulting on twitter #
  • @ebel beachte die positionierung. and check the dialogues with julian 😉 #
  • twitbin says I am out of hrly requiests @twitter I eman: how many do I have? #twitter #chattingchattingchatting #
  • @rednix ich guck mal 😉 #
  • if you want to test (group communication thingy) drop me your e-mail by "d oliverg" #
  • @ebel secrets of harry potter, sag ich da nur. kennste auch? war auch roderick. #
  • recorded a dauerwervevideo, now over to tubemogul #
  • never saw the youtubebutton in my quickcamsoftware, that is neato 😉 #
  • new dauerwerbevideo #
  • @ebel thanks 😉 #
  • @kosmar @jay16k thanks 😉 but if I update every 5 mins this should not B a prob… ;( #
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Yesterday’s Twits

  • @onlineteacher was kidding. I have that many followers almost every day (most R spammers btw) #
  • @dg_4und20 veduftet, was? 🙂 #
  • @dg_4und20 verduftet, was? 🙂 #
  • twitter does weird stuff sometimes. #
  • btw: deleted twits still show up in the rss, e.g. when you blog them w/ loudtwitter #
  • @dg_4und20 mcrib ist besser als das zeug was mcd so fruehstueck nennt 🙂 #
  • @theuer auf meinem m.twitter auch funny #pseudogerman @biz @ev #
  • <- Lotsa foggy foggy dew #
  • @onlineteacher i never doubted your reality 🙂 (u are up late :)) #goodmorningfromeurope #
  • @onlineteacher if u read german u cloud join a discussion at on whether ‘media competence’ shld be taught as a subj. @ #
  • some remarks on the thriving economy of second life (english german mix #
  • @michaelvanlaar ich hab zuletzt ne weltkarte gekriegt, aber sonst: nada. #
  • @paulinepauline zurückfragen: warum, treffen, kaufen, verkaufen whatever 😉 #
  • 9 new twitter followers in less than 12 hrs. let’s see how many are spammers/scriptfollowers #
  • who is @fraufeld ? #
  • who would be subscribing an ‘oliverg_nioisy’ channel that also has bookmarks and hints wheer I commented + shared greader items? #
  • "noisy" of course 😉 #
  • @phogenkamp norwegen ist auch etwas unwegsamer #
  • left @focusonline they du what "die zeit" used to do: feed all atricles at once … #
  • interesting, close to no twitterspammers in the new twitter followers, just asymmertries… #
  • @muhh the web interface is in pseudo-german, too. partly… #
  • will anyone pay the normal fee for @next08 ? 😉 #
  • @thomas_j *g* #
  • moving feeds from jaiku to friendfeed #
  • jaiku does not want me to remove feeeds and produces errors #
  • entering feeds to friendfeed is really smooth #
  • oops, my friedfeed was not public: #
  • incredible: etch-a-sketch artist: and #
  • spokeo seems to be another jaiku/friendfeed, oh well 😉 #
  • wow, friedfeed was smooth, spoeko is… urgs, magic. #
  • aaahhhh incredible, sorry. spokeo goes through your adressbook and adds ALL your contacts to a friendfeedlike thingy. even web 0.8 types. #
  • ookey, one prob with spokeo is that I cannot gibt it other e-mail adreses of mine. #
  • ah but I can import my twitter networks (and others, I suppose) #
  • xing has a new social software grouip every 2 days. would it not make mopre sense to do several forums in one group? #
  • @luebue beter usability? more contacts? better external tool? I keep some stuff on jauku and feed it from there #
  • @luebue I used just to feed 1 masterfeed from jaiku 2 ff, that makes likkte sense as it makes ALL jaiku #
  • @luebue also jaiku suffers from the google effect: now it is just one small thing in the googleverse and stagnates. #
  • @robgreen mir war nicht klar, dass der mit meinem absender einlädt. Aber spokeo ist ziemlich cool, sieh es dir an 😉 musst ja niemand ei … #
  • @tobitobsen it has not as many features as ff but it’s ‘workings’ are far cooler. it detects social activity of your complete adressbook. #
  • @robgreen das sah aus wie ein normaler gmailabgleich. #
  • @robgreen hey you are twittering, what’s up? #
  • @all @having dinner (bread butter, sausage, cheese ) #
  • @thomas_j Ach ja ein Kinderfoto in DER Art hätte ich auch noch. Ggf. auch als Indianetr oder Rinaldo Rinaldini 😉 #
  • son:did you do twitter? me:no he:but it has your pic me: well it’s my twitterpage he:[off2bed] #minidrama #
  • @ebel die startrekvorlesung ist ja der hit 😉 #
  • @techcrunch better than twhirl and supporting several twitteraccounts? #
  • @ebel ich kann und nutze nur a ) Q’apla! und b) (lautschrfitlig) Tach pa, Tach pä. (2 B or not 2 b) #klingon #thlinganHol #
  • does mysocial 24×7 let me twitter anyithing? or can I just ‘share’ a line on ff? #
  • @techcrunch thanks (well downloaded it anyways 😉 I hope they gonna debug twhirl soon. both eat 60 MB ram btw. #
  • T-Shirts zum Muttertag (pro und anti ) #
  • Tired. Will Austraila and Japan please take over the Twittersphere? (OK, in 3 hrs or so.) Thanks 😉 #
  • @alegrya nice twitter presentation (slideshare) #
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Yesterday’s Twits

  • Todays plan: prepare a corporate blogging workshop. good morning, Twitterland. #
  • Stop Twitter Spam » Let’s keep Twitter spam free! #twittit #
  • @kmto was ist ‘Fast Good’? #
  • Enterprise 3.D (Podcast, german): #
  • uploading the web3.d thing to my own podcastfeed #
  • Why would someone want to sponsor a Barcamp and NOT be interested to go there if it is in the same town? #riddlesofexistence #
  • @scobleizer if no one was at twitter, what would ppl react to on friendfeed 😉 jaiku updates? 😉 (but in general you are right 😉 ) #
  • @scobleizer I must have missed that part. I am also wondering if friendfeed is just a jaiku w/ better marketing 😉 #
  • @scoblizer sorry for insisting on the european perspective , IIRC jaiku is alsot as old as twitter if not older. #
  • @gigold well, I also count the barcamp sponsors as participants. some contribute work, some knowledge, some cash, some drinks. #
  • @gigold barcamps are also a little like sex: you have to do it to understand it. Had a sponsor who said: what do I get. what is it actually? #
  • @scobleizer I just wonder what happens if google presses the PR button for jaiku. Or buy ff and twitter and seesmic or … #
  • @scobleizer btw. ff via twhirl seems broken dies alert thingy work better? (both eat 60 MB RAM) #
  • @scobleizer well I am ‘feeding’ 3 different twitter accounts (personal, barcamp lake constance, stuttgart (regional) -> client useful #
  • @scobleizer BTW: are you in europe or just up late? must be past midnite 😉 #
  • joining in with the kids photos meme on twitter #
  • na sowas: #
  • @buchkolumne als pfadfinder sagt man da: ‘be prepared’ (ab jetzt geht es abwärts 😉 ) #
  • #ichfragjanichtfürmich : kommt yu-gi-oh überhaupt grade im TV? #
  • @mooose komm, hosen runter, kinderbild raus 😉 #
  • @etorsten laut ygo heft 1545, aber im Programmheft steht nix. #
  • @preisbock das was ihr da macht nennet man twitterspam, unschön, asymmetrisch #
  • @kosmar d’ #
  • d-ste mir mal bittebitte deine fonnummer? #barcamp #
  • argh @kosmar d-ste mir mal bittebitte deine fonnummer? #barcamp #
  • having a twitter conversation with @scobleizer got me 9 new twitter followers 😉 #
  • @furukama ich könnte mir denken meine ist älter ca 1972/1973 😉 #
  • note to self: the cheapest paper jams the printer #
  • @mpo heee 😉 #
  • cool, mail from mumbai, and they wanna buy 😉 #
  • @medienblogger worauf genau beziehst du dich? #
  • @thermanuel nur ne anfrage, aber witzig, mit dem namen gibt es 15 leute via sykpe in Mumbai. #
  • @igorschwarzmann oh well humor is difficult. of the 9 4 were spammers 😉 #
  • @igorschwarzmann @dotdean well if you feel you have to act this way to a joke. welcome to the humor-free zone. #
  • @themanuel ich hatte einen runtergeladen kürzlich, noch nicht gehört, busy, müde, irritietr von… jetzt hätte ich fast was böses gesagt. #
  • @etorsten im magazin stand 15:45 aber es war 16:05, stand aber seltsamerweise nicht im Programm. Grausames Zeug #yugioh #
  • @themanuel nicht verstanden. nein der mensch in mumbai, dessen name gibt es x mal bei skype. #
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Yesterday’s Twits

  • let’s go walking #spring #intheair #
  • live photoblogging from my morning walking tour #
  • @josefine komm gassi #
  • @webstyler praesinile bettflucht, bitte 🙂 #
  • @josefine brieftraegerstreik ist tierquaelerei, jawoll #bildheadline #
  • what about doing a @fakeBILDheadline? #
  • twitter is not only a super business tool, it is even great for inter-species commmunication re: @josefine #worldpeace #anotherstep #
  • @webstyler ma muss sich die welt positiv zuechtelegen, nix anderes hilft 🙂 #
  • @horax das hab ich hier l:71665 ja fast schon jetzt 🙂 #15grad #
  • suroprise: ppl who can read/write send more e-mail #
  • Sprechstunde beim Schreibdoktor (dichten, journalisieren, bloggen): #
  • @webstyler erwähn es nicht, ich muss noch 18 minuten warten bis zum lunch #
  • using xing to ger more student and international visitors @barcampbodensee #
  • Still No Invite to FFFFOUND? Try We Heart It Instead – ReadWriteWeb #twittit #

  • is this only my impression or does seem to ransform into a blog for politics (and audio culture) #
  • @webstlyer @having Spiralnudeln mit tomatensauce, individuell verfeinert zu arrabita #nixfuerkinder #
  • @danielahinrichs well it’s not a matter of dates but one of cognitive issues. if you wanna call U have my phone number 😉 #
  • web 3.d in the enterprise (germany) POdcast, xing #
  • ok guys, europe goes to sleep now 😉 #
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Yesterday’s Twits
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I just started tagging twitterspammers.


In general I think the net is something that does not connect computers but people, persons, individuals.

It is a world of ends.

This is also the basis of netiquette.

Netiquette takes care of several points

– be polite

– respect others

– don’t send stuff other people do not want to see (noise)

– send stuff in a way that makes sense

Twitter is powerful tool to communicate with people.

Some people use it in a way that I find abusive:

They follow masses of people (usually 1000+, sometimes as many as 5.000 or I think I have seen 15.000 or even 50.000) in the hope that some of those follow them back. Then they spread their messages (or just provoke clicks to their page URL) and URLs to the networks of those who follow them.

I consider this ‘noise’ in an otherwise useful channel.

I find twitter extremely useful. I helped people in Twitter, I was helped, I got freelance jobs through twitter even. People who abuse it spoil this channel and I am not content with another ‘social channel’ being spammed.

Usenet was spammed, e-mail was spammed, Blogs and wikis are spammed and now Twitter.

I keep hearing from peple who are irritated at the persons following them. Not because they don’t know them but because their profiles are weird: They follow many and are followed by few.

Communication on the net is best, when it is as symmetrical as possible. Following 1000+ people that you know nothing about, amkes little sense. (OK, Robert Scoble follows all who follows him and seems to be a speed reader, this is great.)

Actually I tag twitterspammers because this is the only way to give them a second chance: I can check later if they provide useful information – then I can still follow them.

I am also working with someone to provide tools to filter twitterspammers from your already big reservoir of followed people.

And I am interested to hear your thoughts on the matter, of course.

Update: Minor typo fixed, and: soil -> spoil,