Yesterday’s Twits

  • Very slowly I feel like i should start bookmarking the twitter pages of twitterspammers at delicous, like using: ‘twitterspammer’ as a tag #
  • @saschalobo me too. und ich kenn noch ne bloggerin, bei der das so war. auch nicht die twitter-addi. #
  • @tristessedeluxe nö jemand anders, der mir followte. fiel mir halt auf. #
  • suuuuuper, the search function of my browser does not work when editing a mixxt-wiki @mixxt_de #
  • @cervus is this your own project? I also started one with @mooose that should include all sorts o’ tools #
  • my daily twitter aggregation posting moved to my ‘english’ blog: #
  • @oliver_wwb you have mail 😉 #
  • removed 2 more spammers, ignored 1 more follower #gettingeven #
  • @cervus sounds intersting, I am curretly tzinking abzut distributed systems/aggregation, let evreyone have a share (of $) etc. #
  • need to kick techcrunch or readwriteweb from my daily reading. which should i kick? #
  • @kuddelig too much to read on ‘daily’, no time for friend’s blogs #
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