Think, flickr, think.

Germans like to complain. About lost wars, silly US WWII TV series and stuff like that.

And they used to have censorship while they fought to be one country in the 19th century. And between 33 and 45. 1933ff that is.

So they don’t like to be censored. Calls up bad memorioes.

Flickr now is playing them a double trick:

– doing bad translations into German (hey, there are a lot of fresh Germans over there, so ask them, not some German minor… I taught some of those, they don’t know ther der die das… believe me.)

– telling Germans noit to look ar dirty pics. (How ironic 😉 )


My Flickr account runs out in 2 days. I backupped all my pics today and am in the process to upload them to a European hoster, a German hoster.

I asked Flickr how to backup. They suggested to do it one by one. Their FAQ does not tell you how to download all your pics.

I blogged about this in my German blog.

The Babelfish translates it like this. (This is how interantionalized ‘low budget’ US-services sound to us 😉 )

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