links for 2009-03-10

  • What Is twitTangle?
    twitTangle is a free service that helps you untangle the mess of having too many friends on twitter. We allow you to rate and tag your friends and then filter your timeline to help you easily find the tweets that are most important to you! NEW Now you can create custom groups of your followers and filter you timeline by that group.

    How Does It Work?
    It's simple really. Just use your Twitter account to login. Then we'll show you a list of all of the people you're following on Twitter. Go through the list and rate and tag your favorites. Once you've got all your favorites rated and tagged, click 'Home' and we'll compile a custom timeline for you, with tweets from your favorite users first. Then you can filter by tag or go farther back in time to see more tweets.

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  • Mark Twitter messages as read and unread
    Keep track of what you have already read from who you follow
  • Get the most out of Twitter by finding the right people to share the conversation: Tweeter Tags makes it easy to declare your interests and find new, like-minded friends. Have a question you need answering? Find relevant people on Twitter to ask. It only takes a moment to sign up and tag yourself.
  • The Virginia Physics FlexBook is an effort to update educational material more quickly than can be done with traditional textbooks. The typical review and procurement cycle of states and school systems, coupled with the several years it can take for changes to make their way into published texts, means that students in even the best schools could be using material that is a decade or more out of date.

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